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Faculty Support

Collection Consultations

Request for materials

Faculty requests for library purchases may be made directed to the librarian who you partner with for information literacy instruction, or you may also send your request to Jacquelyn Ray, Director of Library Services or complete our online request form.

Collection Analysis Services

Librarians perform other services, such as collection reviews for accreditation. Please get in touch with Jacquelyn Ray, Director of Library Services, so we can ensure the Library is adequately prepared to meet our student's curricular needs.

Requests for Collection Analyses to support new program applications in curriculum development should be addressed to Jacquelyn Ray, Director of Library Services.

Interlibrary Loan Services

Interested in a title but not sure about a purchase?  We can borrow a copy for you to preview!  Request items through our Interlibrary Loan Request form or please contact Jenny Taylor, Access Service Lead to request an item via interlibrary loan.

Collection Policy

Library Collection Policy

Our WWCC Library collections are based on the philosophy that a library is more than its collection of materials; it is an exceptional and organic combination of knowledgeable staff, services and materials made available through evolving information technologies in an environment conducive to learning.

Primary consideration is given to content and formats available and of interest to the largest number of patrons.

The mission of the library’s collection development policy is to:

  • provide resources adequate for introducing and defining a subject in the curriculum with relevancy to course outcomes
  • introduce primary and secondary resources in a subject area
  • expand student horizons and facilitate learning outside the classroom
  • reflect diverse heritages and socio-economic backgrounds of students
  • address range of learning styles and reading levels
  • provide subject-based tools such as dictionaries and handbooks, essential journals, current selection of monographs addressing cross-disciplinary topics
  • support effective learning environment and activities

Responsibility for the development and management of the collection is shared by librarians and the teaching faculty. This partnership is vital for a custom-designed collection that addresses the college’s unique course-work and teaching and research needs. Faculty bring to the selection process in-depth subject and discipline expertise. Librarians are familiar with appropriate selection tools, trends in user practice and specific information needs for class assignments and research projects. Librarians are primarily responsible for developing the reference collection (print and electronic), identifying and reviewing electronic databases, selecting materials not covered by an academic department and designing the library web site for optimum access. The Library Director is responsible for coordinating the selection and access processes. Any student or employee may also make recommendations and can do so in person, via e-mail or through request forms available online and at the front desk.

The WWCC Library supports the following policy statements:

  • Library Bill of Rights
  • Freedom to Read
  • Intellectual Freedom to View
  • AACC Position Statement on Library and Resource Centers Program

The Walla Walla Community College Board Policy 6800-Library Planning-Collection Development and Board Procedure 6800 provides additional context and description of WWCC's Library collection management.