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Criminal Justice

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About Criminal Justice Research

When searching for resources on Criminal Justice, Crime, Criminal Justice Administration, or Law, keep in mind that the language used in scholarly resources, government documents, and public discourse can change. There are many times where we will use one term while the literature will use another term. For example:

A person incarcerated in a prison or jail can be called: Prisoner; Delinquent; Inmate; Deviant; Criminal; Offender; Justice Impacted, or Incarcerated. All of these terms have slightly different meanings but often used interchangeable with one another. When searching with specific terms, be aware of the different synonyms that resources may be using. The Marshall Project is a non-profit that collects articles from multiple source and has a helpful language glossary.

Essential Library Databases for Legal Research

EBSCO Databases

EBSCO databases are the Library's most diverse databases with content from mainstream news to magazines, to high level scholarly (peer-reviewed) research articles.  Whatever your subject, this is one of the best resources to start with.  

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NEXISUni is our legal database that can be used to find court cases, legal briefs, and legal news. You can search cases at the district court level through circuit courts and all the way up to the Federal level. Searching in NexisUni 

These databases focus on current topics and can be a useful start to your research

Opposing Viewpoints 

Information on current big topics.  Contains academic viewpoints, news, and magazine and scholarly (peer-reviewed) articles.

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CQ Researcher

 Browse by topic or keyword to find information covering a broad range of important issues in health, social trends, criminal justice, international affairs, education, the environment, technology, and the economy. Weekly reports dating back to 1923.  

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Points of View Reference Center 

Covers big national topic with the goal of incorporating multiple viewpoints.

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