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How to Write a Legal Case Brief

What is a Legal Case Brief?

In a nutshell, Legal briefs provide a summary of pertinent aspects of a case, an analysis of applicable law, and conclusion or advisement for the clients behalf--while in general a brief applies to a client in a court case,  a brief can also be written as advisement to a governing body.  In any case, a brief needs to identify the legal issues, present the facts and offer analysis (especially in the form of precedent) and a conclusion.

How to Write a Legal Case Brief

WikiHOW (yes!) offers a great example that walks you through how to write a Legal Case Brief.  Scroll down the page for a step by step guide!

Step by Step Guide to Writing a Legal Case Brief

Example FIRAC

There are a lot of examples of the FIRAC or IRAC framework (Facts, Issues, Rule of Law, Analysis, and Conclusion)  for writing Case Briefs.   Some more examples are below: