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How to use EBSCO's Academic Search Complete: Share and Save Options


Share Articles, eBooks, Journals, Searches

Link to EBSCOhost articles, eBooks, journals and searches so that they can be accessed on or off campus.

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On & Off Campus

The first step is to get a durable link for the article. For most databases, the URL you see in your browser address bar is a temporary link that will not provide access to the article for other users. The durable link will provide on campus access. Here's how:

  1. On the resource page, look for the permalink icon  Permalink Iconto open a permalink window above the record or article (or eBook)
  2. Copy the URL.


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Share via eMail

Share via E-Mail Tool

ToolsYou can email EBSCOhost articles and eBooks to yourself and others using the E-Mail tool.

  1. Click E-mail on the article/eBook page.
  2. When the email box pops up above the article/eBook, enter your email address.
  3. If you'd like to send to more than tone person, use a semicolon between each e-mail address. (; Select the citation format you'll be using from the drop-down list.
  4. Click Send.


Share Searches

While viewing your search result list, click the Share option at the top of your result list to get the Permalink. Notice from these options that you can also create an alert, add to your folder, or create an RSS feed to add to your news reader.

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Sample Result List Screen

Share a Folder

Share a Folder

EBSCOhosts Shared Folder feature lets you add articles to your personal folders and share them with other EBSCOhost users such as students, colleagues, or anyone interested in a specific topic. This feature requires a free EBSCOhost account.

Share Journals

In EBSCOhost you can share a link to a specific journal. Journals accessed this way may be browsed by year or searched. Here's how:
  1. Click on Share
  2. Grab the URL from the Use Permalink box.

Try the live link: Clinical Infectious Diseases

You can also send email alerts or RSS feed of articles as they become available (have to create free EBSCOhost account for email).