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WWCC Library's OutLoud in the Library Speaker Series: OutLoud in the Library 2020-2021

Archive of Library Events

WWCC Library's "OutLoud in the Library" Speaker Series


           WWCC Library promotes connection, community, and the sharing of 
 ideas and knowledge. The OutLoud series intends to bring     
                  engaging conversation to our WWCC and wider communities.

Fall 2020 Theme:  Life in 2020

Winter 2021 Theme:  The Social Dilemma

Spring 2021 Theme:  Making the Invisible, Visible*

*Speakers for our Spring 2021 talks are funded by a generous contribution by Humanities Washington and require registration to attend. 
Please see the links below to register for each event.  Thank you.

Miss an event?  Recordings are available below the poster!

Any questions?  Please contact Jacquelyn Ray, Library Director



Spring 2021-April Events

Please Register in Advance!

Thank you for being here!

Please find a link to register for each event in the boxes below.

Dr. Carlos Gil-June 2nd, 1pm-2pm

Dr. Carlos Gil

From Mexican to Mexican-American: A Family Immigration Story

June 2nd-1pm-2pm

Omari Amili-April 7th, 2pm-3pm

Event Recording-Passcode:#g3jipNP

Omari Amili
From Crime to the Classroom:
How Education Changes Lives

April 7th, 2pm-3pm


Dr. David Smith, April 13th, 1pm-2pm

Event Recording
Passcode: 0GN@XTS4

Dr. David Smith
Civil Conversation in an Angry Age

April 13th, 1pm-2pm

Dr. Daudi Abe-April 21st, 1pm-2pm

Dr. Daudi Abe
Why Are All the Black Kids Sitting Together in the Principal’s Office?

April 21st, 1pm-2pm

Clarence Moriwaki-April 28th, 1pm-2pm

Clarence Moriwaki
Let It Not Happen Again: Lessons of the Japanese American Exclusion

April 28th 1pm-2pm

Dr. Jeb Wyman-May 19th, 1pm-2:30pm

Dr. Jeb Wyman

Sometimes Heroes: America’s Changing Relationship with Its Veterans

May 19th-1pm-2:30pm