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Professional Development and Training Opportunities

Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Resources

Resources for Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

Please explore the many resources available-these are organized by format in the boxes below. These wo resources to establish a positive culture in the classroom. 

Webinars provided by the Center for Urban Education at USC.

Uprooting racial inequities in education requires intentional action. Community College of Aurora Professor Dr. Jennifer Dale describes the practices she uses in her classes over the first three weeks of the semester to establish a class culture that has helped her students experience equitably high levels of success.

Other Resources on (Things to Watch, Read and Do) Curated by Seattle Central Colleges

Things To Watch

Things To Read

Things To Do

Other Resources for State Employees

Enterprise DEI foundational training will soon be launched for all state employees. The DEI competencies and definitions are already being used to support workforce and workplace success. This training pathway provides more foundational DEI learning and growth opportunities that are a part of successful workplace culture where inclusion and belonging are centered. These learning resources support the importance and value of DEI in all state work.