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Punch Through Pandemics

Caring for your mental health is as important as caring for your physical health

In uncertain times like these, it’s normal to feel anxiety, stress, loneliness, and other feelings of isolation. Stress effects can be invisible and damaging even if we are not consciously aware of them. We are all concerned for the health and well-being of our families, friends, and the world. Experts in psychology will help you handle these feelings and learn ways to cope and communicate in “Punch through Pandemics with Psychological Science”.


  • This class is free

  • It starts March 30 and runs for 10 weeks

  • Join at any time

All local, national and international community members are welcome. There are two ways to be involved in the course.

  1. Enroll in the course at (requires email address). See FAQ for registration options without an email address.

  2. Follow along with content and activities on this website starting March 30. Weekly content will be on the class content page.