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BUS 340:Marketing Management

Research Databases

You will use a variety of databases to gather background information for consumer analysis, industry trends, etc. and more specific database to can help with market segmentation reports.

For example: You want to open up a fast-food franchise and need to understand if this is a sound investment and if there is potential to make a profit. You then need to determine who will be your target demographics, figure out their locations, and understand their related behaviors to the industry. 

Specialized Business Databases

Business Articles, Company Information and Business News

Business Source Premier (EBSCO)  – an essential research database for peer-reviewed, full-text business journals.

NexisUni - an excellent resource for company information and business news.

Industry Research

IBISWorld – provides thoroughly researched, accurate, current business information, and expert analysis regarding market conditions, forecasts, supply chain, and competitor activity in the industry  

  • Use IBIS World to gather industry-specific reports.
  • These reports can be downloaded into a PDF format by clicking the download button at the top of the report.
  • You can search for U.S wide industry reports or U.S State-specific reports. 
  • IBIS World industry report will help you determine if your business venture is a viable business opportunity or not depending on the market trends.
  • Use the "Major Companies" tab to determine who the major players are in this industry.

Mergent Intellect - an incredibly powerful database for companies, industry and more.***

  • Use Mergent Intellect to gather company financials for publicly traded companies. 
  • This database will mainly be used to gather information on either your direct competitors in the industry or if you are creating a fast-food franchise, this database could help you determine the overall strength of the franchise. 

Marketing Research

ABI Inform (Proquest) - This database includes in-depth coverage of companies, products, executives, trends and other topics. 

Academic OneFile - Marketing (Gale) - This topic page within Academic OneFile focuses on marketing but covers multiple topics across Business.

SIMMONS Insights

  • Use SIMMONS Insights to compile a variety of demographic and market segmentation for a variety of consumers and target markets.
  • Use the quick reports feature to gather quick demographicsegmentation, and geography information on a particular target.
  • Use the cross tab feature to compare multiple targets together and discover trends.
  • Use the Brand Catalyst explorer and reporter feature to compile more specific and detailed data on your target.

Small Business

Small Business Reference Center is a great starting point on different business types and business related issues that impact the small business owner or entrepreneur! 

Small Business Reference Center (EBSCO) – offers exclusive full text for many top consumer small business reference books, as well as tools to address many small business topics and includes business videos, a help and advice section and details on how to create business plans