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OER - Open Educational Resources

Library Materials as Resources

A Note about Library Materials as Course Materials

Consider filling in some of the gaps by using library resources, such as e-books and articles!

Yes, you can do this!  The easiest way to get started?  Contact Jacquelyn or Hector for a zoom or in person consult-really!  We're here to help and you will be exploring in no time. 

Licensed e-books, online magazines & journals, streaming media, and other online resources available through the WWCC Library subscriptions are not considered Open Educational Resources as these resources are restricted to WWCC students, faculty and staff, and they are already-licensed materials that do not allow for customization and re-use or redistribution the same way as OERs.

 Although library online resources are not "open", they are considered "alternative educational resources" (AER) that you can take advantage of and make available at no cost to your students. Library resources are also sometimes referred to as LER, which stands for licensed/library educational resources.

  • AER = alternative educational resources
  • LER = licensed/library educational resources
  • OER = open educational resources