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How to use CQ Researcher: Getting Started

How Advanced Search can help

Get Started

You can search by entering terms in the Search box at the top of the page, select a popular topic from the home page, browse topics or browse reports. Some limits area available from the home page, but more are available under Advanced search.

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Advanced Search Screen

What's In It?


CQ Researcher consists of an annual compilation of weekly issues that cover one topic of current or emerging interest. Each issue is covered objectively and explained clearly.

Charts, graphs, chronologies and annotated bibliographies area available for each article.

Special Features

Every CQ article includes these features which may be hard to find elsewhere:

  • Pro & Con section written by authorities on topic.
  • Chronology of significant events leading to current state of topic.
  • Charts, graphs, images, opinion polls.
  • Outlook predicts what may happen on topic in near future.

Pro & Con

TipEvery CQ Researcher topic has a Pro and Con section in the article. This is one of the few places that it's easy to find pro and con arguments on topics.

Check Facts on File Issues & Opposing Viewpoints for another easy place to find pro and con arguments.

Need a Topic?

TipIf you have not already chosen your topic, you can click on Browse Reports, then select Issue Tracker to browse a list of all the major topics covered in CQ Researcher. Clicking on any topic will result in a list of all reports available on that topic.