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BUS 310: Rostollan

A guide to help you find resources for your BUS 310 course.

SBRC/LIRC Introduction

Small Business Reference Center (SBRC) and Legal Information Reference Center(LIRC) are two databases that provide reference documents for small business and legal reference information. Both of these databases are owned by EBSCOhost databases and incorporate the same search parameters, tools, and filtration methods that are found in every EBSCO database.

You will uses these two databases to search for reference documents related to Human Resources Management that includes, hiring, termination, ethics, interviewing, legal documents pertaining to HR Management.

Pro Tips

Pro Tips:

  • Use SBRC & LIRC to find reference documents relating to HR Management.
  • Explore the Business Areas & Business Basic categories in SBRC.
  • Explore the Business & Corporations category in LIRC.
  • Use the search bar to find reference articles or chapters on your topic. If you want to gather more research articles you will need to access the main EBSCOhost database