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Nursing: Other Nursing Resources

Other Nursing Resources

Other Nursing and Allied Health Databases available at WWCC

A vast collection of free nursing resources on Lippincott NursingCenter. From nursing journals to continuing education activities to podcasts!


Evidence Based Practice Resources


Clinical search engine that searches across multiple Internet sites for evidence-based content. It covers key medical journals, Cochrane Systematic reviews, clinical guidelines, and other highly relevant websites.

Grey Literature

What is Grey Literature?

Simply put, Grey Literature consists of materials that are unpublished or have been published outside of the typical commercial publishing environment.  Grey literature can consist of reports, articles, presentations, theses, conference proceedings, government documents, and much more.

Grey Literature can be difficult to locate because it is usually only found outside of the standard commercial research databases.

If you are conducting an in-depth literature review or systematic review on a particular topic, it is important to search for grey literature in addition to studies and articles found in PubMed or CINAHL to ensure that you haven't missed anything important or useful.

Finding Unpublished (Grey) Nursing Literature

Here are some resources to assist you in finding grey (unpublished) literature in nursing and learn more about the topic.

Health Statistics

Informal Resources

Blogs and Apps can also be useful tools as part of your practice-
Just remember they support but do not substitute for research!  


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Best Nursing Blogs